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Adrian, WOW. Just Wow! You’re gifted without a doubt.. but you are a gift for sharing yours with us. Amazing.
Cat M - 30 Aug 2021
Sabra Field - 19 May 2015
True artist, you. Loving your work tonight.
Kristin & Jake Albee & Vicki Combs - 5 Apr 2013
The illustrations are absolutely amazing.
iqbrite - 21 Mar 2012
Great work Adrian keep up the hard work :) Dissertation Proposal
Wayne - 10 Oct 2011
Brilliant very well done. Dissertation Proposal
Dissertation Proposal - 4 Oct 2011
Excellent work! I wish you well with the gallery and I enjoyed the visit today. vi$it my blog soon.
ONLINE TODAYS - 13 May 2011
I Like your gallery page. Logo Design
alferd - 30 Apr 2011
I finally picked up my painting at The Copley Society of Art and couldn't be more pleased with how it turned out. Original, captivating and beautiful are just a few words that come to mind. Thanks so much Adrian!! Leo
Leo Evriviades - 26 Mar 2011
love the typewriter
Luke fisher - 26 Nov 2010
I will never grow tired of looking at your work. So alive and relevant. I am so proud of you and amazed at the shear volume of your work.
Erica Leigh - 2 Nov 2010
Absolutely beautiful work! I hope you have a very productive new year.
Meredith Garniss - 24 Dec 2009
I love your work. I dabble in still lifes and landscapes as a hobby and enjoy seeing work like yours.
David R. Backstrom - 15 May 2009
Excellent work! I wish you well with the gallery and I enjoyed the visit today. Randy Gardner
Randall Gardner - 7 Nov 2008
I'm always a fan of your work adrian.
Sharon Fantl - 22 Oct 2008
Beautiful work
anonymous - 29 May 2008
A pithy and pretty world-away from a dreary work-day in front of the screen.
Amy B - 2 Apr 2008
Nicely done ol' boy. Nicely done.
Steve McIntyre - 15 Mar 2008
I saw black and white copies of your illustrations for Jan Peck's new pirate book. They were awesome! I'm a newby writer -- I know Jan from NE/NC Texas SCBWI. I hope we get to work on a project together some day -- your illustrations are incredible. Rebekah Reed
Rebekah Reed - 28 Jan 2008
Hi Adrian, Decky from across the hall in 440 here. Finally made it to your site, and was really impressed.I like your style, very original. I particularly liked "The Fall". Keep up the good work, see ya around
Decky - 28 Jan 2008
Such beautiful work, Adrian. Very Well-done.
Sara Beck - 8 Sep 2007
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